Climate Change Denial: The Real Thing

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The Environmental Left has gotten great traction by labeling those who don’t agree with their climate change agenda as Deniers, a word they cleverly appropriated from the term Holocaust Deniers. This is even more deceitful than it is tawdry since the Holocaust was a historical event, while climate change is a hypothesis that supports a political agenda. The Greens deviously focus their denier claim on the hypothesis, while hiding the political agenda they seek to impose in its wake.

Denying that agenda is the real Climate Change Denial. What is the climate change agenda? A broad program of centralized control over the energy economy designed to make fossil fuel based energy vastly more expensive, while making non-fossil fuel energy cheaper through the politically-driven application of governmental subsidies. What would this look like?

  • $10/gallon gasoline
  • Heating and air conditioning bills becoming vastly more expensive than today
  • Stopping fossil fuel focused infrastructure projects, like the Keystone XL pipeline
  • Centrally controlled subsidies for non-fossil fuel based projects, typified by the Solyndra debacle

There are two problems with the Climate Change Agenda. One, it won’t succeed in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, and two, it will harm or destroy any economy in which it is applied. It won’t succeed globally because there is no global government that can command and control the world’s 7.3 billion people to comply with anti-greenhouse gas mandates. Even if there were, it would fail miserably because the principle of Distribution of Control works against such centralized control, guaranteeing unintended consequences that will fatally undercut the centralized mandate. Meanwhile, any economy that tries to exert such an agenda will suffer from vastly higher energy costs and lower energy reliability.

Germany’s Energiewende, or energy revolution, a mammoth, trillion-euro plan to wean the country off nuclear and fossil fuel, provides a case in point.

Average electricity prices for companies have jumped 60% over the past five years because of costs passed along as part of government subsidies of renewable energy producers. Prices are now more than double those in the U.S. – The Wall Street Journal, August 2014

More generally, the Climate Change Agenda is affordable only by the rich: rich countries like Germany and rich consumers like Tesla S owners. It is a One Percenter cause through and through. When you’re already rich, you don’t need to worry about higher electricity bills or more expensive stops at the gas station. You don’t even need to worry about the folly of centralized control over the massive energy economy. You’re rich, so your main worry is self-actualization. Believing in and promoting the Climate Change Agenda can certainly improve that, as the Gentry Left and their political tribunes continue to prove.

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