Distribution of Control

Distribution of Control is a new political paradigm ideally suited to 21st Century economic challenges.  It is intended to inform a new politics for our new millennium.  Join in.

The following pages describe dCon in more detail.

  • The DC Manifesto introduces the concept of Distribution of Control in political economies by examining dCon in other systems.
  • dCon vs. cCon addresses the conflict between Decentralized and Centralized Control.
  • dCon Mechanisms introduces the three ways DC gets infused into human affairs.
  • dCon: The Name addresses the pros and cons of DC’s many monikers.
  • DC v other Econography compares dCon to Limited Government, Low Taxes and other Right Wing priorities, then moves Left to address Unions and Utopianism.
  • dCon Doesn’t Promise Utopia debunks any notion that it does.

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