dCon: The Name

Naming is often imperfect.  Distribution of Control proves the point.

One of its main shorts – dCon – sounds like poison.  Plus many will assume the Con in dCon stands for Conservative instead of Control.  Haters will seize on this, since disparagement is easy and occasionally effective.

The shortest short – DC – can be mistaken for District of Columbia, though any thought that The DC Manifesto comes from the center of government evaporates upon reading the opening lines.

Negatives aside, Distribution of Control has more positives than its many shorts.

It’s Real.

Plainly spoken, Distribution of Control really is the issue.

The best Control Distribution is Decentralized Control. Decentralized Control is the ideal. #dCentralize

It’s Fresh.

Nothing similar sounding has turned up, suggesting dCon is a new concept for our still new Millennium.

It limns a fundamental Divide.

dCon vs. cCon or dCentralized Control vs. Centralized Control are natural opposites.

It doesn’t lack for shorts.

dCon, DC, dCentralize, DistCo on one side; cCon, CC, CentCo on the other.

dCon is not poison.  Far from it, dCon is growth hormone for human happiness writ large.  Over time we can hope that its name will properly connote that.  It should, since dCon is nature’s way of empowering the successful pursuit of happiness.

Thus it’s a name worthy of standing on its own.

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