dCon vs. cCon

Most economic policy choices point towards cCon or dCon.

Centralized Control or Decentralized Control? That is the question.

dCon – while not always doable – is more often abjured due to lack of imaginative vigor than lack of efficacy.  IOW, intellectual sloth is the cause of more cCon than do-ability.

cCon is the natural policy direction of today’s Left Wing, just as it was with yesterday’s Left Wing. They’re very traditional.

First they vent their collective spleens of poorly targeted outrage at the Rich and the 1%, otherwise known as #JobCreators.

Notably, a not insignificant chunk of Left Wing outrage is triggered by criminal activity and commercial controversy.  To state the obvious, supporting dCon does not mean condoning criminal activity.  Thus the State’s police function over markets and contracts must be vigilant and justly exercised, just as its judicial role in adjudicating commercial conflicts is essential to a healthy dCentralized economy.

Social welfare – a primary concern of the Left – remains important under dCentralized Control, since a society is rightly judged on how it treats its vulnerable members.

dCentralized Control meets that challenge by distributing property rights as widely as possible.  To be clear: Distributing property rights is not the same as abrogating them, which is anathema in a Burkean Nation.

Rather, property rights should be created where possible.  One way to do this is by re-conceiving the distribution of social welfare benefits, as with vouchers – Silver Bullets for delivering property rights directly to vulnerable people in need of help.

Just because dCentralizated Control advocates putting purchasing authority in the hands of individuals via vouchers doesn’t mean that a well designed system shouldn’t have plenty of help available, and rules for how vouchers can be spent.

Some say that this will overwhelm the people who need help, that they won’t be able to handle it.  I say poppycock.  A surprisingly large number will be able to handle it, will do better for themselves and society as a whole, and will feel vastly better about themselves and their country.  Most everyone feels better in a dCon world than a cCon one.

Those that still need help will be down to a more manageable number.  The epic failure of the ObamaCare launch is the latest and certainly greatest proofpoint of the need to whittle problems down to size.

dCentralized Control naturally whittles societal problems down to size.  You could even say it’s organic.

Centralized Control tends towards gigantism, which is why it creates a modern form of The Leviathan.

The Bottom Line

Decentralized Control is more natural and modern than Centralized, leads to more prosperity and creates happier people.

Crazy but true, the successful pursuit of happiness comes from Right of Center.  Let the chips fall where they may.

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