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Burkean Nation?

An exploration of why America has been so successful and how to carry it forward.

Edmund Burke is a popularly unsung hero of American success.  


Nonetheless, Burkean political philosophy explains the American people’s exceptional success in the centuries since the Revolution. Burke, the preeminent Liberal Conservative and a prominent supporter of the American Revolution from his position in the British Parliament, has long helped inform American views of liberty and especially the associated topic of property rights, from which common Americans became empowered to do uncommon things.

Common people doing uncommon things became a defining trait of Americans and therefore of America.  Indeed, countless millionaires have arisen since America became the world’s first Burkean Nation.  You’d have to watch the History Channel for a month-of-Sundays to see all the common folks who came to America or whose parents came to America and who ultimately made it big.  More importantly, the world’s largest middle-class arose because America is a Burkean Nation.


A Burkean Nation understands that property rights aren’t to be rejected; they’re to be spread, legitimately, not in government perverted bankruptcies or income redistribution schemes.  The government must subsidize the least fortunate amongst us, but keeping able citizens dependent on their Uncle Sam leads to less prosperity and less growth for everybody.  Fewer jobs and therefore greater problems are guaranteed down that anti-Burkean road.


This site is about America recommitting to Burkean principles.  The world’s greatest nation – the world’s indispensable nation – either dances with the one who brung us, or we become anti-Burkeans.  The former guarantees more and better jobs for all Americans, more prosperity for most everyone and success for many more Americans in the pursuit of happiness.  The latter guarantees that those who believe America’s best days are behind are us … are correct.

Seems like simple choice, really.


P.S. - I stood on Burke's broad intellectual shoulders to create Burkean Nation and develop the eCon Canon, a structural connection echoed by my selfie above his.

David Burkean

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