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eCon 201 —
Economic Policy Decisions are Economic Control Decisions

All Economic Policy Decisions are Economic Control Decisions.

Economic Policy Decisions are eCon decisions since control distribution governs economic activity.

EPDs don’t often allocate control smoothly from Centralized on the Left to Decentralized on the Right. Instead, they often award control rights rather spottily, most egregiously to politically connected people or groups.

Who said distributions need be smooth.  Distributions come in many forms. Each impacts economic vitality differently.

Extreme centralized control provides an object lesson. Communism and Fascism share the “quality” of severe cCon.

Severe cCon sucks.  Literally, severe cCon sucks the life out of an economy, out of a populace, out of a country. cCon sucks the vigor out of mass human endeavor.  Sad but true.

Most EPDs aren’t so dramatic, but most go the wrong way because the wrong way is easier politically. Sometimes it’s forgivable.  Often it’s not.  In all cases, the eCon economic policy equation will help discern where prosperity can be grown.


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