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Welcome to political and economic clarity.

Clarity comes from understanding how things work, thereby allowing us to predict how well – or poorly – they will turn out.

Economic Control Theory — eCon — provides clarity about political and economic policy decisions by serving as a lens into how humans behave – as individuals, as family units and as agents of external control upon others.

eCon values results, not intentions. Better results are predictable, worse results even more predictable. The smarter those playing with other people's money, the more likely are terrible or horrifying results.

eCon isn’t just about economics. It applies to any endeavor involving more than one person, especially when masses of people are involved. Hence, Economic Control Theory can more generally be thought of as Humanity Control Theory.

And, since it is based on Burkean Touchstones, it can also be thought of as Burkean Control Theory. But, for the sake of simplicity and to play off the well known tropes of “Econ 101”, it is referred to here as eCon.

eCon Definition

eCon is a new political and economic control theory applied to political-economy choices at the large group level. It's frame is cCon v. dCon, i.e., how control is distributed on Control Axes: from Centralized Control or cCon on the left to Decentralized Control or dCon on the right.

eCon Ambition

eCon can inform a new politics — lucid and healthy — for our (still) new millennium.  Join in.

eCon Canon

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