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eCon 400 — The dCon Manifesto

Human affairs has a True North, an unfailingly progressive direction on the axis of control.

Progressive?  Yes, progressive in advancing the commonwealth, notwithstanding that the Left has co-opted the P Word for counterproductive economic policies that thwart Decentralized Control.


Decentralized Control – dCon – isn’t new. It’s long been evident in our politics, our bodies, our networks.


Politically, dCon is evidenced in the progression of who rules.

Let’s pick things up with the era of absolute monarchy.  Then came the Magna Carta and other power-to-the-people measures, or at least less-power-for-the-monarch measures.


It took the US Declaration of Independence to give true power to the people.  The self-evident truths in that epochal document were famously authored by an opponent of cCon: Democratic icon Thomas Jefferson.


You can look it up.  The first line of Jefferson’s Political philosophy and views at Wikipedia:

"Jefferson idealized the independent yeoman as the best exemplar of republican virtues,

distrusted cities and financiers, and often favored decentralized power."

The last part of that statement remains most relevant today.  While no American, nay no citizen of the world, has equaled Jefferson’s brilliance and sagacity, you don’t have to be a genius to realize he was right to favor Decentralized Power.


How is power exerted?  Control.


Favoring Decentralized Control is how one favors Decentralized Power.

Biologically, dCon is evidenced in the progression of organisms.

Let’s pick things up with invertebrates, which don’t have near the distribution of control over their simplistic bodies as we vertebrates.


Highly evolved vertebrates have highly decentralized control systems, humans most of all.

Thus when you touch something hot, your brain – far from the action – doesn’t get involved in telling your hand to withdraw.  The immediate control is close to the action, in the spine.


Networks provide the most obvious canonical development of dCon.

Let’s pick things up with mainframes – centralized computers hardwired to terminals and printers.

Mainframes begat minicomputers, followed by a crazy notion heralded by Steve Jobs called personal computers, followed by a thousand songs in your pocket, followed by billions of smart phones. Soon — trillions of IoT nodes.


dCon – expanding geometrically – drives that progress.


cCon is mainframe. dCon is iPhone.

It is ironic then that many Millennials and Gen Zers lean left, the direction of cCon economics.


Their politics stands athwart their net-based lives, a reality they’ve yet to grasp.


Decentralized Control is the one true way to healthily advance a political economy.

That is the manifesto in brief: a crisp belief statement following three illustrative antecedents.

Those who want to help promote it should now return to the eCon Portal to read more.

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