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eCon 205 —
dCon eCon is the smartest eCon.

NOTE: dCon is Decentralized Control. cCon is Centralized Control.

dCon is smarter than cCon.

dCon maximizes system-wide intelligence by employing the vastly larger scale of data, bandwidth, intelligence and powers controlled by the vastly larger population of socionomic electrons compared to nucleons in an economic organism.

  • More data gets perceived and considered.

  • More collective intelligence gets applied.

    • More alternatives get conceived, considered, tried.

    • Evolution cycles get sped up.


cCon is stupid eCon because of its stupefying effect on an information-based economy. This results from its focus on socionomic nucleons, which are much larger and more powerful than electrons, but far fewer. Therefore, an economic system dominated by a few large power centers is less intelligent than one comprised of orders-of-magnitude more power centers, notwithstanding that those smaller power centers are on average much less intelligent and way less powerful.

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