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eCon 403 —
dCon v other Econography

How does dCon support or oppose other socioeconomic principles?


From the Right

Today, dCon aligns Right, no doubt about it. Two centuries ago it aligned Left, back when the cCon stemmed from monarchies and autocrats. Today, the cCon stems from "Progressives" and bureaucrats.

Neither Left or Right alignment is ideological.  Natural principles are what they are – there to be found, ideological implications be damned. dCon simply provides more prosperity for everybody, or has when we’ve been wise or desperate enough to allow it.

  • Limited Government correlates with dCon, but puts the focus on Government when it should be on the people.  dCon puts people first, as individuals, not interest groups.  This vastly distributes control and – with it – self-reliance.  Strong self-reliance is thus common to dCon and Limited Government.

  • Low Taxes have several virtues.  People feel they get a break when income taxes are cut or low, and that their work rewards are more worthwhile.  Low capital taxes properly maximize the amount of investable capital in private hands, while reducing the role of tax planning in investment decisions.  This accelerates capital momentum while distributing investment decisions into millions of individual hands.  This leads to a much healthier investing environment, which leads to increased levels of investment and hiring, which leads to more and better jobs for everyone.  Deriding this as Trickle Down doesn’t make it false.

  • Liberty comes from distributed, direct control, and the big D – Democracy.

  • Privatization distributes control of previously public property, which is almost always mismanaged.  Gotta do it, but here is where oligarchs get made.  Thus cCon demands a strong police function from the State.


From the Left

  • Unions are a form of cCon, stripping individuals of their God-given decision rights.  While legal in the Private Sector, they shouldn’t be in the Public Sector, per FDR and the tenets of dCon both.

  • Environmentalism morphed into a centralized Big Scold machine back in the Seventies.  dCon can keep the environmentalists honest by including the self-interested concerns of private property owners in the debate.  That said, any myth of pure dCon gets exploded when it comes to Conservation.  For instance, my favorite lands are public and must always be — Yosemite, Sequoia, King’s Canyon.  Outside the friendly confines of the USA, however, property rights are a dysfunctional mix of narrowly held and not held at all.  The Big Scolds mostly don’t get that.

  • Utopianism is fool’s gold.  The Left lusts for it.  dCon doesn’t promise Utopia. Buck up.

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