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dCon Doesn't Promise Utopia

Utopia doesn’t exist.  All evil, all poverty, all dysfunction aren’t going away.  Get over it.

dCon leads to social-economic systems that allow people to help themselves, leading to more success and happiness for them, with greater productivity and less spending for us.

Those that can’t help themselves or who need assistance are naturally narrowed to a smaller number, now ensconced in a society that is more prosperous and healthier.  Empowering them or their caretakers with purchasing power – a form of property right – plus supportive services is a less expensive delivery system that also yields better care.

Still, utopia won’t be achieved.  Why?  Because malfeasance and societal torpidity still exist, albeit at reduced levels given dCon’s natural resistance to such dysfunction.

Thus poor people will still be with us, albeit fewer.  Disappointments will occur, especially early.  Over time, the dCon Virtuous Cycle will take hold, with results continually improving.

Things will never be perfect.  Utopia will never be reached.  Opponents of the bourgeoisie will have many more people to target, just one of many objections the Left will make.

cCon proponents on the Left are bipolar: Utopian & Fatalistic.  We’d have utopia if we could just convict all the economic criminals, some Lefties think.  We’re doomed, think others.  Some think both.

dCon avoids extremes. Its natural moderating tendencies keep it in the middle of the road.  How? Broadly distributed self-interest stimulates self-control at all levels of society.

Human weakness, acts of God, freak accidents and outright evil will never go away.  But dCon deals with them better than cCon eight days a week, even if utopia never arrives.

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