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Biden & Trump on the Burkean Gridiron

Presidents Biden and Trump are a study in governing contrasts. Their positioning on the Burkean Gridiron shows this. Biden governs from the Centralized Control 25-yard line (cCon 25 or C25); His predecessor governed from the Decentralized Control 25-yard line (dCon 25 or D25), and promises to do so again if reelected. Their 50-yard gap ties for the largest between any of the seven most recent presidents. Plus, Biden's extreme leftwards shift is the largest from one president to his successor over the last century.

The Burkean Gridiron

Before continuing, dear reader, you might first read last week's intro post on the Burkean Gridiron. It explains the nomenclature and concepts of the Burkean Gridiron.

The Gridiron of American Presidents

Here are the aforementioned seven most recent American Presidents. Of the economically notable four, Reagan’s D25 preceded Obama’s C35, which was thankfully followed by Trump’s Reaganesque D25. Now we have Biden’s calamitous C25, 10 yards to the left of his godfather Obama, whose C35 sent America downwards towards hell. 

Biden vs. Trump on the Burkean Gridiron

Donald Trump

The Trump Boom was fueled by major cuts in tax rates, reduced regulations, dCon moves like Right To Try, and Drill, Baby Drill energy policy. These dCon goodies led to an explosion in growth, albeit until the Pandemic, plus record tax revenue for the Feds, not to mention an eminently affordable cost of living for everyday Americans. Like Reagan, Trump 1.0 was a D25 President. Trump 2.0 will be even better, BIG LEAGUE.

Joe Biden

Emperor Palpiden lurched hard into cCon on Day 1 of his presidency. His Bidenomics & Green Tomfoolery have been disastrous for the country, especially for lower and middle class Americans, whose cost of living skyrocketed. Many must work multiple jobs to get by. Further, the oppression obsession that's a pox on 21st century life gets fueled by the deathly Palpiden's embrace of DEI, Net Zero and other cCon nostrums. Biden is a C25 President, doomed to failure, a slave to insanity. He wants us lashed to his cCon mast.

Mechanisms Determine Positioning

Presidents' chosen mechanisms determine their positioning on the Burkean Gridiron, which then predicts their results. For instance, Biden’s insane level of cCon, fully C25, has plunged Americans into an era of economic struggle, even as his cCon mechanisms stoke group hatred and overall insecurity, including and especially childhood insecurity. That's why he's hated across Middle-America, from East Palestine to Tulsa & beyond.

Results matter and ONLY RESULTS MATTER

The cCons running America, starting with Emperor Palpiden, their deathly figurehead, have delivered the most awful results for everyday Americans since the Confederacy led the South into a cataclysmic Civil War with the North almost two centuries ago. 

There’s no way for Biden or KJP or Veep Harris or Chuck Schumer or even RFK Jr. to lie their way out of it. Words don’t matter when everyday folks struggle month to month.

People notice this every time they go to Safeway and the gas station. Speaking of gas stations, Americans are comfortable going to the gas station and don’t want to trade up for CHARGING STATIONS, even in sunny California. The Green Tomfoolery that today’s Democrat cCons are imposing seeks to make gas stations a thing of the past, as they force us all into expensive, inconvenient and unreliable battery-powered cars. That’s all part of Biden’s C25 Reign of Terror, the economic results of which are now clear to all.

Trump's Decentralized Control Delivers

President Trump's Big League first term stands as an object lesson in the superiority of dCon, notwithstanding the Pandemic, which was China's fault. We The People enjoyed more prosperity, more happiness, more empowerment and more innovation under his D25 regime than we would have under any to its left, let alone a full 50-yards to its Left.

Biden's Centralized Control Sucks

Speaking of 50-yards Left, that's what it took to get to President Biden's C25, his severe cCon. As it happens, severe cCon sucks.  Literally, severe cCon sucks the life out of an economy, out of a populace, out of a country. cCon sucks the vigor out of mass human endeavor.  Sad but true. (Source: eCon 201) President Biden's disastrous presidency stands as a very sad object lesson in cCon dysfunction. Let's end the lesson in 2024.

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