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Bizarro America 2020

Acirema is America spelled backward, a bizarro name for our exceptionally bizarre nation in 2020.

Ah 2020, the year of the invisible enemy, pale septuagenarian presidential election, and imploding superstars.

2020 is an Annus Horribilis, a horrible year, as Queen Elizabeth might call it. Unlike her’s, our global travails extend way beyond the troubles of one spectacularly privileged British family. Earth – everyone on Earth, every Earthling – is deeply troubled by the perturbations emanating through civilization in the wake of the Wuhan Virus, courtesy of the CCP.

This has accelerated many realities getting turned on their heads, some for the better, most for the worse. Call it Bizarro America. Bizarro America recalls DC’s Bizarro World, which started with Bizarro Superman, Batzarro & Bizarro Flash. Earth is Htrae. The Bizarro Code states “Us do opposite of all Earthly things!” Everything is inverted, just like with politics in 2020.

Biden’s Bizarro World

Biden’s Bizarro World includes the amalgamation of AOC & the Squad, Bernie & the Greens, the BLM Movement and Antifa: from dipshit crazy at one end to violent stormtroopers at the other. At its center, an elder abuse victim ready for his closeup.

Out of One, Many

America has always been an E Pluribus Unum country, in self-image and aspiration if not yet in reality. Out of Many, One.

The Bizarro Left’s M.O. is Out of One, Many, creating an exploding set of competing identity groups. Unum de Multis doesn’t scale, to put it mildly. It explodes. Exhibit A: the ever lengthening LGBTQ+++ acronym of quasi related classes.

Burkeans, such as #WalkAway patriots & other #Trump2020 supporters, are an Out of Many, One community, gleefully so. We are coherent. As a laser is a coherent light stream, we cohere into a unified people. It’s so refreshing. E Pluribus Unum!

The Intersectional Left are incoherent, in the physics sense of incoherent. Intersectionality is incoherent because it inexorably segments into smaller and smaller identity groups, most not big enough to be federally recognized. (Insert Identity Politics joke here, perhaps something about a White Guilt contract-trainer who identifies as an amorous sheep, of the opposite sex.)

Incoherence isn’t a bug of intersectionality. It’s a core feature, the architectural foundation. But it doesn’t scale. It explodes.

No wonder the Lefties are going nuts. They’re in thrall to an incoherent ideology that explodes upon real use. I pity the fools.

Judge People by the Color of Their Skin

The greatest American Civil Rights Leader of All Time is the Rev. Martin Luthur King. Of this there is no doubt. Micheal Jordan is the GOAT hoops player and Tom Brady the GOAT QB. MLK is the GOAT Social Justice Leader. Can I get an amen?

Dr. Martin Luther King’s most famous teaching was to judge people “by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.” Judge People by the Content of Their Character struck me as the other Golden Rule. Let’s call it the Platinum Rule.

Now, the bizarro BLM Movement insists that we got the Platinum Rule wrong, got it backwards. They demand people be judged by the color of their skin, with their sex and sexuality just below that. Their motto could be Color Über Alles.

That’s a fatal mistake for a national movement, let alone that it fundamentally disables black kids in America. But it’s not the only dipshit divergence that BLM takes from MLK. Oh no, they’ve only begun to fuck up.

America the Sinful

MLK celebrated America, rapturously cited our founding principles like scripture, and invited all Americans to join hands with him. That’s why MLK remains the most beloved Black Leader in American history, never mind the most successful, by far.

OTOH, BLM channels Jeremiah Wright, Barack & Michelle Obama’s preacher. “God damn America!!!” thundered that apostle of Critical Race Theory. BLM says that our race isn’t merely one thing that matters for each of us, it’s pretty much the only thing, notwithstanding subsidiary concerns about gender and sexuality, and a long tail of other intersectional conditions. In short: Give up hope, the only recovery is absolution on one side and reparations on the other. This is all of a piece with the risible history of the New York Times’ 1619 Project and Howard Zinn’s sadly popular People’s History of the United States.

Immutable Characteristics Define Us

Notwithstanding their support of the trans movement, BLM sees humans as trapped in immutable bodies that permanently define their sin on one side and their need on the other. It’s a formula for dysfunctional societal destruction on an epic scale.

Create Enemies and Repel People

When it comes to “selling” their message, BLM/Antifa are following the Bizarro Dale Carnegie method. Instead of How to Win Friends and Influence People, they are doing their insane best to Create Enemies and Repel People. They’re riotously effective. At that, they’re succeeding, notwithstanding corporate America showering them with billions of dollars.

Political Party Inversion

The times they are a-changin. Bob Dylan

In a bizarro turn, the two major political parties have flip-flopped their core demographics.

Working-class folks are now Republicans, while privileged elites are overwhelmingly Democrats. Who’da thunk it?

Trump’s Proletarian Republicans

This is evident through countless #WalkAway Testimonies, where workaday folks describe how they were lifetime Democrats and are now Trumplicans. It was also evident at the recent Republican National Convention, where loggers and lobstermen and farmers and ranchers and cops spoke about how the Republican party best represents their values and interests.

More Stars Than There Are in Heaven – Black Conservative Stars

It’s also increasingly evident in the impressive tide of conservative blacks and other other minorities who have risen up in 2020. From Candace Owens to Officer Tatum to Dre Allen to David Harris Jr. to Terrence K. Williams to so many more, the Republican Party has become home to more minorities than ever before. This is a wonderfully heartening development!

Out-of-Touch Democrats

OTOH, the Democrats’ core issues are those trendy with the freshman class at Lefty U, e.g., non-proletarian concerns about climate change, systemic racism and bio-boys using girls locker-rooms and then competing against bio-girls. It’s no wonder that the onetime party of the little man is now the party of Googlers and superstars and billionaires seeking absolution.

The Democrat Party was home to the workingman since its founding by Andrew Jackson two centuries ago, then massively reinforced by FDR’s New Deal during the Great Depression, and then mainlined into the projects by LBJ’s Great Society programs. But that deeply embedded connection is now in the dustbin of history given the bizarro realignment of 2020.

Bizarro America 2020

From Biden’s Bizarro World to Trump’s Proletarian Republicans, America in 2020 has turned upside down from the political realities we’ve known for generations. The good news is that proletarian Republicans are likely to outvote privileged elites.

If so, the irony will be that a bizarro America leads to a traditional result. The people win, returning Acirema to America.

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