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Burkean Nation is now about eCon

This blog began many years ago to explore how Edmund Burke’s political and socioeconomic philosophy explains America’s exceptional success over 2½ centuries. That exploration led to a unifying insight: Economic, political and societal success depends on the distribution of Economic Control (eCon). Specifically, eCon turns on how control is distributed along the Control Axis, which extends from Centralized Control or cCon on the left to Decentralized Control or dCon on the right.

Building on this insight, eCon modeling quantifies the extent to which socioeconomic structures are data-informed and broadly intelligent. eCon also explains why successful socioeconomic policies respect human nature, and don’t repress it.

While eCon has now grown into a full syllabus, it is still a new school of thought that’s not fully fleshed out.

I won’t go on here because the syllabus has grown to 17 pages at last count. Just remember, eCon informs ethical pragmatism in political-economic matters. #More4More is the desired result and dCon eCon is the way to get that result.

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Who is David Burkean?


I am David Burkean, America First patriot, ethical pragmatist, avid Burkean and advocate for Decentralized Control - dCon. I'm wary of Centralized Control - cCon. I see in cCon-dCon terms. #More4More follows in the wake.

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