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Keystone Kops

John Fetterman is Joe Biden 2.0

John Fetterman and Joe Biden are both sons of the Keystone State and each is mentally impaired, deeply impaired. They are the Keystone Kops of politics, the Dumb and Dumber of the Commonwealth.

Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential campaign was a supersized case of Elder Abuse. Kamala Harris knew it. Dr. Jill Biden knew it. I knew it. You knew it. Joe? Joe was ready for his closeup. Just tell him when.

However, the sad, sorry and sordid problems of one lifetime politician aren’t the main issue. Rather, America has become collateral damage from the depredations of the senile old man in the Oval Office. We knew he would be bad, that he would harm America. Wouldn’t you know it, the one thing he’s good at is harming America. It’s his superpower, not to be underestimated. As President Obama famously said about Biden the Bumbler: “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” Obama knew.

Old Joe “campaigned” from his basement, hidden from we the people, carefully controlled by his wife and aides, the real powers behind his presidency. He won because of Donald Trump’s intense political aura, so intense that the easily bamboozled masses compulsively voted against Trump — anyone but Trump. ABT! Biden became ABT. Hillary must be so bitter. This was a race even she could have won.

Now, the Pennsylvania US Senate race features a candidate who makes Joe Biden look like Bill Clinton, downright glib. John Fetterman is literally semi-brainless, which is what a major stroke does to a person, and yet is eager for everyone to give him a pass so he doesn’t miss his shot at the brass ring, the chance to join America’s #1 Debate Society, his hand on the lever of power.

Never mind that a man who can’t process what he’s hearing and says “Good night!” to open a debate would fail in the US Senate like a blind player would fail in the NBA. That’s not ableism, it’s obviousism.

Keystone Kops: Biden & Fetterman

The Fetterman Campaign isn’t just taking a page from the Biden Campaign playbook, it’s one-upping it. Cognitive decline?! I’ll call you and raise you aphasia! Biden can’t focus? Fetterman can’t even converse.

Fetterman = Biden 2.0

Biden 1.0 is literally killing America. Biden 2.0 would likely put the country into a complete tailspin.

Indeed, Fetterman will be a useful idiot for the Bidens if Pennsylvania voters are foolish enough to elect him to the Senate. He would add Stroke Impairment to Elder Abuse among the dysfunctions dogging America in the 2020s. Keystone State voters, please, PLEASE spare us that fate. We’re counting on you.

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