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Kind Intentions, Evil Results

Be Kind is a Lefty touchstone these days, useful for forming judgements, which they do, a lot. Judgement cheat-codes are catnip to Lefties, who are often eagerly and flamboyantly judgemental.

Perceived kindness from performative kindness, e.g., “Be Kind” and “Always Choose Kindness”, not only feels good, but averts harsh judgement and therefore consequences. Hence, Lefties judge themselves and others on perceived kindness. Judging is what they do and perceived kindness is their rubric.

However, Kind Intentions have two downsides. But first, let’s consider their current reach.

“Kindness is my religion.” — Common refrain in 2022

Traditional religion is no longer the Left’s religion. Kindness is. It’s still religion, albeit polytheistic.

Elon got to the heart of the matter with his May tweet about why he always voted for Democrats.

“They were the kindness party.” — Elon Musk about the Democrats

Before addressing the problems of Kind Intentions, let’s consider how we got here.

Performative kindness was born in the Sixties and has largely taken over the class of people who don’t work with their hands, don’t punch a clock. Kind intentions are the sine qua non of upscale society now.

Downsides of Kind Intentions

Kind Intentions have two classes of downsides. Downside One is the disconnect between intentions and results, which is often tragic. Downside Two is that kindness über alles seeks out victims, elevates victimhood and creates victimizers that didn’t previously exist.

Downside 1: Disconnect between Intentions & Results

Kind intentions – like any intentions – are typically head fakes, intentional or not. Results often vary wildly from intentions due to Murphy’s Law, incompetence, corruption or a dozen other maladies. Often there are no results at all, at least not positive results. Billion dollar boondoggles are common.

Sadly, billion dollar boondoggles are far from the worst outcomes when acting on intentions. Evil often results: inflation, mass unemployment, people freezing, hungry and desperate.

This is why it’s super important to understand something elemental about political intentions.

Intentions don’t matter.

Results matter and only results matter. (MSNBC fans are free to scream now.)

That is foundational to Economic Control Theory, aka eCon, which declares to hell with intentions!

Only results matter. Good intentions aren’t worth a hill of beans once the dust settles.

Good results come from moderate decentralized control. However, dCon upsets judgemental lefties, who miss the forest of results for the trees of intention.

Generalizing, today’s political divide in the Western World stems from those who act based on intentions demonizing those who focus on results — results as experienced by real people living real lives.

Thus, the Millennial Left has led the West into an age of energy insecurity, food insecurity, political insecurity, speech insecurity, family insecurity, childhood insecurity, and safety insecurity (due to increased crime and reduced law enforcement). These evil results stem from the Left’s elevation of Intentions over Results.

Downside 2: Elevates Victimhood & Creates Victimizers

Kindness über alles seeks out victims, thereby elevating victimhood and creating victimizers where they’ve not previously existed. Bad for many of the newly elevated “victims”, it’s worse for the straight white men and other biological criminals who are cannon fodder for the reverse discrimination demanded by BLM and their ilk.

First, feeling victimized isn’t healthy, especially for the newly elevated “victims”. Sadly, they are encouraged to ruminate on the microaggressions they’ve felt. This seriously reduces personal resilience.

Victims can’t be white, unless they’re intersectional.

Kind Intentions fetishize victimization, so long as the victim has two or more intersectional chits and the required victimizer has one or less. Ideally, the victimizer is a pure-blood white man. (The Left don’t think of themselves as racist, which is funny because they are race obsessed. Being race obsessed pretty much is the definition of racist, so their delusion is great.)

Anyway, the other problem with Downside 2 is that it has created a gigantic class of biological criminals, all men, mostly white, but strong men of every race are equally reviled. Cis-gender, hetero folks, aka most people, are grist for the equity mill. The whole thing has an early French Revolution smell to it.

In short: Kind Intentions, Evil Results

The disconnect between intentions and results, the emotional impairment of newly enshrined “victims”, and the lives ruined among the biological criminals who “victimized” them, add up to a mega evil cocktail.

Kind Intentions can lead to Evil Results. Many such Evil Results are with us today. The costs are grievous.

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