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ObamaCare’s cCon Chickens Coming Home to Roost


ObamaCare has crashed into reality, its lurch towards centralized control having put it into a leftward wall.  Bam!!

ObamaCare couldn’t, can’t and won’t work because it violates eCon’s guidance about dCon over cCon.  ObamaCare nationalizes control over health care – his & hers.  The most personal service people get – Health Care – is now under cCon.  What could go wrong?  For starters, healthcare decisions for many more people are to flow through the government.  Smile!

Centralizing sign-up at scale failed miserably upon roll-out.  And that’s the easy part.  Wait till people gotta get paid.  Doctors gotta get paid, paid less than what they were paid before, but paid nonetheless.  So let’s review: Your health insurance is going to flow through Barack Obama’s POTUS after which your under-funded Doctor may go unnoticed.  Check & Check

Wait, they’re messing with people’s Doctors?  Now we’re talking personal.  Now it’s on.

OC dodged health care’s essential cCon dilemma: employers and employees get to deduct it from their taxable income, giving people who work for The Man a big leg up from the government.  Individuals who succeed by the sweat of their own brow can’t deduct it and get served by fewer companies, making for a limited market.  IOW, they were already getting hosed.

Now OC comes along and says the policies they have “aren’t even real insurance,” to quote James Carville on The O’Reilly Factor tonight.  So entrepreneurs’ policies are getting canceled, new ones are often more expensive and it’s not even the insurance companies’ fault.  There you have it, ObamaCare looks worse than insurance companies.  That’s quite a feat.

Removing decision rights is a lesser form of removing property rights.  A dCon no-no, it rightly burrs the butt of lots of people.

One good thing about OC: the government can only succeed by people “voluntarily” doing something, with metrics ultimately known to all.  Voluntarily?  Yes, under threat of a very small penalty that the government can only take out of tax refunds.  So if you don’t buy health insurance and overpay your taxes, there’s no way Obama’s IRS can get the money out of you.

Better yet, insurance companies can’t turn you away after you do that crazy thing at that party at the beach.  Gotta take you.

Harsh yes, who doubts that scads of invincibles won’t take the path of cheapest resistance?  Kids, whadda gonna do.

cCon Folly 101 to think otherwise, yet just one of the cCon delusions that led the President’s party to centralize health care.

Universal Health Care is doable via dCon, but that wasn’t conceivable in the narrow minds of Obamacrats.  Now, le déluge.

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