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The Full Biden

God bless America!

Tonight's presidential debate was a knock-out and a great night for America. Donald Trump didn't just crush Joe Biden in this epic contest, the television event of the 21st century so far. He destroyed him as a political brand. Brand Biden is now dead.

Joe Biden has long looked like a dead man walking. Politically, he now is one.

The Last of the Democrats

Let's not bury the lede. Joe Biden is the last of the Democrats. Andrew Jackson was the first Democrat president. Joe Biden will be the last. The donkey party is at death's door.

That means his legacy won't be limited to being the worst president in American history. That ignominious sobriquet with be just the beginning of his epitaph. His legacy will include taking down the Democratic Party entirely. Ponder that.

Tonight was a significant act in that multi-act tragedy. Tragedy? For the Democrats, Progressives and Socialists, yes. For America? A great day!

Multi-act? Yes, it must now proceed to emergency meetings around the Obama's kitchen table in Martha's Vineyard. Democrats like Obama and Biden often talk about existential threats. Well, they got one now, to their Party.

"Never interrupt your opponent while he is in the middle of making a mistake." said both Sun Tzu and Napoleon Bonaparte. That's true, but insufficient in this circumstance. This is popcorn time! Biden isn't making "a" mistake, he's making them by the minute.

Stating Reality vs. Citing Experts

Biden repeatedly backed up his arguments by citing experts. It's what Democrats do and Joe Biden is a quintessential, paint-by-numbers Democrat. In contrast, Trump was spitting facts all night, a deluge of reality that overwhelmed poor Joe.

  • Biden's stated reason for destroying the energy economy and triggering the worst affordability crisis in fifty-years is that experts agree about "the existential risk of climate change." In response, Trump talked about finances, forcing Joe to double down on the climate concerns of experts. That won't play in Peoria.

  • Biden cited this week's letter from sixteen Nobel winning economists as evidence that the economy is really doing better than we the people realize. Who you gonna believe, sixteen eggheads or your own lying eyes at Safeway?

  • Biden cited "158 or 159 historians, don't hold me to the exact number" who say he's a great president and that Donald Trump is a terrible president. Nevermind that most Americans don't care about historians, especially the tens of millions of Americans who can't pay their bills under Bidenomics, and who increasingly realize that Trump racked up victories for America like Tom Brady racked up Super Bowls for the Patriots & Buccaneers.

More generally, Biden was visibly stunned at what he was hearing from Trump, and even from the CNN moderators, who actually asked him some pointed questions. It was clear that Biden has been mollycoddled by his expert handlers, all of whom know the importance of stroking his ego and shielding him from reality.

Tonight, Biden got mugged by reality. Trump administered that well-deserved beating.

The Full Biden

The Full Biden is not simply to charge into a ginormous defeat. The Full Biden is to charge into a ginormous defeat that was utterly predictable in advance.

  • He did it with the border. He invited illegal aliens into America, removed wall, and ended Remain in Mexico, just a few of his Trump reversals. Result? Calamity for America in terms of budget, health care, housing, fentanyl, human trafficking and so much more. This was utterly predictable: the Full Biden.

  • He did it with the Afghanistan withdrawal, what Trump calls the Most Embarrassing Day in American history. Trump would have kept Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. We built it at great expense. It was defensible and a short distance from China, giving us a strategically valuable forward operating base versus our #1 adversary. Instead, we got the Full Biden. He not only didn't keep Bagram, he pulled out of there first, leaving behind billions in weapons in the process. He instead had the evacuation go through Kabul Airport, resulting in a deadly shit-show that included the bombing at Abbey Gate. Thirteen of our precious troops died that day in an utterly predictable massacre: the Full Biden.

This debate was a Full Biden. It came pre-convention because Biden asked, no doubt put up to it by his handlers, who deftly used the opportunity to put Old Joe to the test while they still might have a 5% chance of winning the election if he failed.

Of course he failed. Everyone not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome knew he would. Now the Democrats are in a DefCon 1 situation, as one top Democrat said after the debate. Predictable failure, meet inevitable result. That is the Full Biden.

Lying Biden

Biden's verbal screwups were so frequent, it was less about counting them than noting their frequency. They came damn near every minute, or so it seemed.

For instance, they came so fast and furiously, that it almost slipped by when he said women get raped by their sisters.

Landslide Ahead

Coming into the debate, Trump led Biden in the polls. That's why Biden called for the debate now. Well, now add Trump's crushing victory in this truly historic debate to his burgeoning support with Americans of every color and creed, other than Muslims.

The Dems obviously have to replace Biden. Whether they do or don't, they just took a torpedo amidships. There will be no recovery. Even if they can get the Bidens to step aside (good luck convincing Jill of that), they will have to answer to America why they've been propping up a senile old man. Americans will rightly hold them accountable for that offense against the country.

In short, Trump is headed for a landslide that will make Reagan's in 1984 look like a close contest. I don't know that Trump can win more than the 49 states that Reagan won, but can foresee Trump getting more votes than the 59% Reagan won. Biden will be lucky to get 40% of the voters going his way, and a replacement would do even worse.

This election just gets better and better and better. America and the Judeo-Christian West as a whole had a very good night.

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