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Citizen Revolts — Worldwide

Citizen Revolts have broken out worldwide, the Big Bang being President Donald J. Trump's November 2016 election. Now they've sprouted throughout Europe and lately in Argentina with the election and inauguration of President Javier Milei, and yet again in America with President Trump's Big League dominance in the 2024 general polls.

We The People Power

These largely Burkean revolts are populated by individuals who rightly chafe when property rights get infringed and get righteously riled up when order & stability goes to hell. Many work with their hands and take a shower after work, not before. They "worry more about the end of the month than the end of the world", as the Yellow Vests put it.

Roll Call of Citizen Revolts

Germany • Holland • Argentina • France • America • Hungry • Britain



Dutch farmer revolt after the Greens condemned them to death

Dutch headlines from The European Conservative:


Argentina elects a Burkean champion.

Newly inaugurated Argentine President Javier Milei is the most consequential Citizen Revolt leader since President Donald Trump. Hence, the cCon Left hates Milei the way they hate Trump, with blind rage and mind melting histrionics. Milei welcomes their fusillades with crushing rejoinders, more erudite than Trump, albeit less monumental.

Milei knows why his country is impoverished and how to return it to prosperity. Radical change is required, which Milei is leading: hard and fast. "The Wig" is living proof that Conservatives aren't afraid of change, to put it mildly. He is a GOAT change agent and just what the doctor ordered for the once great country at the bottom of the Americas.


French Yellow Vests

The Yellow Vest movement sprang to life in 2018 when French President Emmanuel Macron flexed his Net Zero muscles by imposing a gasoline tax on France. Its purpose was to curb carbon emissions by making gasoline more expensive, costs be damned.

(Let's note here that cCons only recognize that taxes cut consumption when the thing to be cut is sinful to them. Otherwise, this is one of many economic realities about which they are obtuse.)

The country hated it, especially people who had to commute to work or gas up their work trucks. Many wear Yellow Vests on the job, making the Yellow Vests the Blue Collars of the 21st century. To Blue Collar citizens of France, the fossil fuel tax proved that the elites cared more about Climate Change than about their fellow citizens.

Yellow Vest Slogan

"Macron is concerned with the end of the world.

We are concerned with the end of the month."


America Firsters, aka Trumpers 

Donald Trump's presidential political career personifies the yearning of workaday American citizens for the greatness that America embodied as recently as the 1980s and 1990s. The ironies are thick surrounding this Americanus Rex, but he is nonetheless the tribune of Citizen Revolts here in America and around the world.


Hungry & Britain

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungry unapologetically stands for the rights of Hungarian citizens to live in a country of secure borders, free of social engineering. Meanwhile, across the channel from the Continent, Britain's 2016 successful Brexit referendum was the starting gun for Citizen Revolts throughout the Western World.


Two Reasons Why

cCon Overreach 

Who coulda seen this coming? Anyone who took a minute to read eCon 204: Centralized Control assumes people will act unnaturally. They won’t, absent force. Hence, cCon policies suffer not just one fatal flaw, but two and sometimes a third.

In short, cCon is unnatural, GMO economics. Real people hate it.

cCons like Joe Biden, the Justice Democrats, the Peronists in Argentina, and the Net Zero Zealots around the world have an insane response to cCon failure: More cCon!

For people who aren't down with the cause, for whom the "existential risk of climate change" is nothing but conjecture, disgust is inevitable and revolt likely. These revolts are mostly democratic, albeit politics tends to get extended by other means these days.

cCons view dissent, let alone revolt, as evil. That aristocratic bent is intrinsic to cCon, making it all the more detestable to most citizens. That's why DON'T TREAD ON ME is just as relevant now in the 2020s as it was way back in the 1770s. cCons don't get this.

Trump's Triumphs

POTUS #45 was so kickass successful in terms of policy and attendant results that the seemingly outlandish proclamations of a Javier Milei are much more believable to casual observers. To those of us who understand Economic Control Theory and the intrinsic virtues of dCon, Trump's Burkean triumphs were predictable, even inevitable.

Leaving aside his Nobel Prize-worthy foreign policy triumphs (No new wars, Ended wars, Quieted Kim, Boxed Iran, Abraham Accords), Trump45's pre-pandemic economic triumphs are the stuff of legend. His rapidly rising tide lifted all boats: black, white, women, men, Asian, Latino, you name it. We enjoyed cheap gas and electricity thanks to his Drill, Baby Drill energy abundance. We the People — everywhere — want that again.

Buckle Up

The cCon cabal behind Joe Biden won't go quietly into that good night. They're doubling-down yet again on all the repressive and oppressive actions they project onto MAGA Republicans. It's gonna get even more bumpy as November 2024 gets closer.

However, this time there are citizen revolts worldwide, not just in the United States of America. That means that citizens everywhere will draw strength from one another, even as cCons the world over shriek and grimly try to get their way – by any means necessary.

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