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2022’s Gonna Hurt

Written April 10, 2021, 2½ months into the Biden Presidency

The sudden, radical and spectacularly dysfunctional cCon that has descended on the land since the presidential election augurs ill for next year. Pushed from the Oval Office by White Skull and his neo-Marxist coalition, exhorted on and protected by the Media Industrial Complex, it is rapidly centralizing control of the economy, increasingly of speech and ultimately of movement and thought.

Paradoxically, they are also ceasing control of the border and the streets. The ensuing chaos caused by ginormous illegal immigration and exploding crime will trigger calls for more economic centralization. They can’t help themselves. The solution for cCons is always more cCon.

Today, the stock market is booming, unemployment plummeting, and house prices skyrocketing. Operation Warp Speed has lived up to its name by rapidly allowing the economy to open, while lockdown repressed demand explodes and the feds drop trillions of dollars from helicopters.

This won’t last. The economy and indeed America writ large hasn’t yet realized what’s hit it, including what’s almost certainly coming.

cCon’s stupefying effect on a socionomic organism is just starting to take hold. It will accelerate, retarding economic and civic vitality in its wake. cCon is deeply unnatural, GMO economics, so considerable angst will accompany the pain and suffering it brings.

Alongside the cCon insanities coming from Washington and Corporate America, we are currently unwilling participants in an epochal experiment in something called Modern Monetary Theory. MMT posits that money borrowed by the Federal Reserve never has to be paid back. Thus, the already gigantic federal debt is expanding at an accelerating pace. When MMT is revealed as mere sophistry, explosive inflation will ravage the financial foundations of the American middle class.

Then the crisis will be clear to all, albeit the cure will be exceptionally hard to come by.

What to do, aside from vote Republican? Specific guidance is impossible to give, but here are two broad actions.

  1. Prepare: Law enforcement isn’t coming to help. You’re on your own to protect your family.

  2. Protect when the time comes

As per eCon 202 — dCon beats cCon in the fullness of time. This time we’re cutting it close, too damn close.

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I am David Burkean, America First patriot, ethical pragmatist, avid Burkean and advocate for Decentralized Control - dCon. I'm wary of Centralized Control - cCon. I see in cCon-dCon terms. #More4More follows in the wake.

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