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Stop MAWA Extremism

Please make the unrelenting storm of MAKE AMERICA WEAK AGAIN stop. Dear Lord, please make the MAWA stop. Please make Joe Biden — the MAWA extremist — stop!

Our decrepit POTUS and his coterie of MAWA extremists are the most incompetent crew ever to run the American government, yet are amazingly capable in one particular way. Their super power? Damaging America, American citizens and American allies.

They do it quickly, they do it deeply, they do it with conviction and without apology. Who cares why do they do it. Only results matter and their results are extreme MAWA.

President Biden, the most cCon president ever, weakens America by explicitly doing the opposite of everything President Trump did. Trump was and is MAGA. Biden is MAWA.

9 MAWA Examples

Let us count nine ways that the MAWA Extremist-in-Chief overtly weakened America by willfully reversing the policies of the MAGA POTUS he followed into office.




Kabul Catastrophe
Mandate Mania
High Prices
Identity Fascism
War Monger
Border Disaster
Political Lawfare
Energy Insanity

Gender Dysphoria

1. Mandate Mania

The Biden administration's mandate mania included extended lockdowns, forced vaxxing and mandatory masking. Those cCon mechanisms destroyed businesses, careers and education. Students suffered, parents suffered, teachers suffered. Mandates sowed deep distrust in the FDA and other governmental agencies, and created deep divisions in society. They weakened our military by forcing out SEALs and other elite war fighters who declined to be vaxxed, same with first responders, airline pilots and other essential workers.

The Trump administration hardly covered itself in glory during the outbreak of Covid, but didn't resort to mandates as Biden did. Further, Covid took the world by surprise in 2020, Trump included. Biden observed a year of Covid before taking office in 2021, plus had vaccines at its disposal, courtesy of Trump's Operation Warp Speed, a dCon success if ever there was one.

2. Border Disaster

The Biden administration reversed most every successful Trump border policy. An immediate and sustained invasion of illegal immigrants followed. Hell, candidate Joe Biden encouraged migrants to "surge the Southern border" during a Presidential debate. To this day, illegal migrants call Joe Biden's name. Americans hate him, but Guatemalans, Colombians and terrorists love him.

Biden halted ongoing construction of the Border Wall on Day 1. He replaced Catch & Deport with Catch & Release, and dropped the highly successful Remain in Mexico policy for asylum seekers. Biden and his wicked DHS Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, demonized mounted Border Control agents. Worse, they reassigned the Border Control force from defense of the border to facilitation of illegal migrants into America. The result is a flood of illegal aliens in America, coupled with a tragic increase in fentanyl deaths, sex slavery and criminality throughout America. Every state is a border state nowadays. Next up: homeland terrorism from terrorists who came in through the now open border.

The Trump administration had the border solved, largely through the policies that Biden reversed. Indeed, the Southern border was the most secure it's been in decades, if not ever, on Trump's watch.

3. Kabul Catastrophe

When Afghans fell from the landing gear of American jumbo jets onto the hard Kabul streets below, dying a sure and horrible death, America died some also. Biden's botched Afghanistan exit was the most awful embarrassment the United States has had ... ever. Pearl Harbor was a surprise. This was planned!

It wasn't just those poor Afghans who piteously clambered onto jumbo jets rolling down the runway, it was also the nine Marines, soldiers and sailors who got blown up by terrorists. It was also the Afghan family that Biden droned in mistaken retaliation, to the tune of half a dozen dead civilians, kids included. War is hell, but it shouldn't be this stupid, especially when America is calling the shots. Biden simply can't play the game.

Trump wasn't going to give up Bagram Air Base, America's first rate, billion dollar, forward operations platform 400 miles from China's border. Trump was never going to give that up.

Biden not only gave up Bagram, he compounded the blunder by leaving it first instead of last. He should have run the evacuation out of Bagram instead of from Kabul Airport, which couldn't be defended. Hence, many innocent people got needlessly killed, including American heroes.

Putin saw American get humiliated in Kabul and knew he could hit Ukraine with functional impunity.

The Ayatollah saw America get humiliated in Kabul and knew he could hit Israel with functional impunity.

The Kabul Catastrophe was Biden's first and arguably most spectaclur MAWA miracle, but is sadly only third on this list.

4. Energy Insanity

No more gas stoves. No more gas cars. No more gas grills. No more wood-fired pizza. No more affordable electric bills. No more carefree road trips. No more miracle fertilizer, so no more bountiful crops, so no more affordable food. No more frequent flying. No more low prices. No more economic security.

All of the above must be sacrificed to please the Climate Change God, else we will literally die a horrible death, soon, or not so soon, they're not sure, but it's coming The Day After Tomorrow.

The cultic Climate Catastrophists believe this malarky with a religious certainty that's as monumental as it is delusional. They have Biden under their sway, the old man following the cool kids.

He has therefore wreaked a Green Terror upon America that is literally removing the energy foundations of our economy, even as it already weakened us in world affairs, including allowing Russia & Iran to afford their invasions of Ukraine & Israel. Mao had his Great Leap Forward. Biden has his Green New Deal. Both resulted in millions of avoidable deaths.

Trump was Drill, Baby, Drill. He also filled up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve when oil was dirt cheap, and exported LNG to countries that had been buying it from Russia & Iran.

Biden has them buying it from Russia & Iran again! That's MAWA.

5. Gender Dysphoria

MAWA extremists make families weak by encouraging gender dysphoria among children and removing parental control over their children. This strikes at the heart of a healthy society, even as it deeply wounds a generation of kids.

6. War Monger

Presidents who seek war or conquest are how one normally pictures a War Monger. However, a superpower like America becomes a War Monger by being weak in tone, temperament or timing, as Biden consistently is.

  • Russia: First, make Russia rich by opposing America's oil and gas exports, jacking up the price of oil and gas, Russia's main exports. Then say “It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and we end up having to fight about what to do and not do,” as Biden told reporters In January 2022. After that, not much else mattered, albeit Biden's vacillation about how to aid Ukraine killed any chance of success.

  • Iran: First, reverse Trump's Maximum Pressure Campaign, which bankrupted the evil regime in Tehran. Then make Iran rich, as with Russia, by opposing America's oil and gas exports. But don't stop there! Pursue maximum fecklessness as Iran and its proxies attack American troops, allies and shipping lanes for months on end. Worst of all, Iran used its newfound wealth, gifted them by Biden, to fund and supply Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthies. One of those extensions of Iranian evil subsequently wreaked unspeakable atrocities on America's top ally, even as another shut down shipping through the Suez Canal, thereby raising prices worldwide. The American casualty count so far is in the dozens, including dead soldiers and SEALs, plus many Traumatic Brain Injuries. TBI too much!

  • China & North Korea: Chinese dictator Xi will likely take an opportunity when he sees it, now seeing American weakness creating a window to attack Taiwan. That would trigger a worldwide depression, since Taiwan makes the guts for most every phone & laptop worldwide. Meanwhile, Korean dictator Kim must be thinking HOLD MY BEER.

7. Identity Fascism

Identity Politics has long been a shattering force on our E Pluribus Unum nation. However, it has gone to new levels of insanity under the MAWA Extremists. New identity groups have been created, e.g., Black Trans Lives and Queers for Palestine, each with its own grievances, vocabulary and aggressive posture towards the rest of us.

This new level of insanity can be characterized as Identity Fascism given the viciousness with which the multiplying subgroups attack those who don't publicly affirm their identities.

8. High Prices

Regular Americans are worried about the end of the month. The electric bill is due, the car payment, the insurance bill, all on top of groceries and gas, plus kids’ clothes, dog food and the million other things a family needs. Groceries are way more expensive now than just 4-years ago, gas too.

But it’s not Chevron’s fault, or Safeway’s or Allstate. It’s the government’s fault.

The cCons who control Washington and many states screwed us — badly. Lower income Americans get hurt most. No Tesla for them. They gotta make it to the end of the month on fumes. That's way harder now than in 2019, the last year of the Before Times, just before Joe Biden threw in with AOC, Chuck Schumer & other control-crazed Dems. Those entitled fools care more about the End of the Century than the End of the Month.

They've printed money like crazy and restricted supply of core goods, energy especially. The result is that the cost of living has exploded, while wages haven't nearly kept up.

9. Political Lawfare

Political Lawfare: NY AG ran on getting Trump.

President Biden and his MAWA extremists are pursuing a raft of political prosecutions against President Trump: two in NYC, one in Atlanta, another in Palm Beach, another in Washington. Further, state officials in Colorado, Maine and elsewhere are using dubious legal methods to keep Trump off the ballot in 2024. This political lawfare weakens America by subverting the rule of law and by disenfranchising half the country. It won't end well.

You hate MAGA. We hate MAWA.

Joe Biden and the MAWA Extremists hate MAGA. However, most Americans increasingly recognize and hate MAWA, even if they find Donald Trump offensive. And, they are rapidly coming to a solution for how to stop the bleeding. Return to MAGA.

Perfect Projection

Biden and his minions spit out their disdain for MAGA and MAGA Extremists. However, most of what they excoriate perfectly describes their own actions, weaponizing the justice system most of all. Hence, Biden and the MAWA Extremists are very good at something beyond MAWA: projection.

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