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Everything's Changed

Everything’s changed since last Saturday. That’s when the Hamas Horde perpetrated extraordinary savagery on unarmed civilians. Their bid for global attention worked.

Man did it work.

Everything’s changed EVERYWHERE around the world since 10/7, starting in Israel, Gaza and the larger Middle East, and then radiating out to China, Russia, France, Germany, Britain and, of course, America.

CREDIT Through the Wormhole • Season 5 • Episode 6

Buckle Up

Rough as American politics have been the past decade, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Ya' know kids, it’s all fun and games until an Iranian catspaw perpetrates a zombie apocalypse on the O.G. outpost of the Judeo-Christian West.

Shit just got real.

Someone please tell Matt Gaetz, Hakeem Jeffries & AOC, gamesmanship junkies all. Shit just got real. They and other unserious or insane people got us into this shit-hole, Joe F’ing Biden most of all.

Worse, the Biden Democrats dramatically degraded our economy, military and government in the process. Let's do a quick roll-call.

  • Economy: Everything important to Americans costs 25% more than when Joe Biden took office. People are giving up pets to get by. Starter home? Forget it.

  • Military: Our generals focus on victimhood more than victory, even as they chase Southern Man from the ranks. Those Lynyrd Skynyrd loving rascals long made up most of our fighting men. Now, they're getting replaced by a sensitive "fighting force" full of weirdly non-hetero identities, about which everyone must know and genuflect. In short, America's fighting force has been degraded from within.

  • Government: The FBI, FDA, DoJ, DoD, Attorneys General and other institutions are egregiously rotten at the top. Broad swathes of people don't believe a damn thing the government says, with good reason. Disorder is the order of the day.

So now we're faced with one of the great strategic challenges in history, as America stands on a broken leg, with broken arms, occluded vision and no unified voice.

Wish us luck!

America needs Israel to win.

If Israel falls, the Islamists will move to destroy their ultimate target: Western Civilization, with America as their grand prize. Meanwhile, we would be shell-shocked at the horror of Israel's demise and less able to counter Islamist movements. Fellow travelers are even now demonstrating and rioting in the streets of London, New York, Michigan, Washington, Beirut and more.

Changes Since 10/7

The list of 10/7-triggered changes and newly apparent realities is long. Cataloging them will remain for another post. Suffice it to say that the list includes newly fractured political alliances, Judeo-Christian Values vs. Islamist Values, and China's role in funding Iranian terror.

For now, let us pray. And let us remember:

Am Yisrael Chai - The People of Israel Live

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