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Israel's Best Defender

We Jews are going through a historical moment that no one anticipated. In its turbulent wake, unexpected developments, unbounded hatred, and unlikely heroes. Douglas Murray represents the alpha and omega of that list.

Douglas Murray: Israel's Best Defender

Israel's best defender isn't a Jew or an Israeli. Hell, he's not even an American. He's a Brit, from an Anglican family, a rather unexpected development. After all, Eton & Israel don't normally go together. Unlikely though he may be, bestselling author and journalist Douglas Murray is 100% a hero of the Judeo-Christian West.

Murray adroitly explains that the term Palestinian is a modern invention, a political hack that has fomented Hamas's genocidal attacks on Jews. He does this with his trademark cheeky-pluck and eye for absurdity. The man is a delight to listen to, both for the moral clarity of his thinking and the entertainingly erudite way he delivers it.

In short, he is damn near Jewish up there, notwithstanding being born and raised Anglican. Anyway, having an Eton-Oxford gentile star in a typically Jewish role is rather odd, albeit heartening, just as laughing at the very Christian Babylon Bee is odd, albeit hilarious. After all, we Jews are the OGs of both argument and comedy.

We're also OG meritocrats. We believe merit matters, especially when it comes to success in this world. Given that, funny is funny when it comes to the brilliantly hilarious Babylon Bee. Right is right when it comes to the brilliantly sagacious Douglas Murray.

Christian Comedy Outshines Jewish Comedy, go figure

WokeSpeak Words

"Palestinian" is basically a 21st century linguistic contrivance. It has no more legitimacy than the countless other WokeSpeak words. Let's use some in a sentence, shall we.

WokeSpeak Sentence

The Palestinian justice-impacted cis-normative freedom fighter engaged in largely peaceful protests at the local Liberation Camp.

English Translation

The Islamist rapist is a terrorist who committed violent acts during an antisemitic riot at the illegal takeover of the campus quad.

That may not be Babylon Bee quality, but does prove that we Jews haven't lost our ability to laugh in the face of misfortune.

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