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Well-Oiled Growth

America enjoyed well-oiled prosperity during the Trump presidency.
The Ayatollah's Iran is enjoying well-oiled growth during the Biden presidency.
People are suffering as a result: from California to Maine, from Israel to Gaza.

American oil production grew strongly under President Trump, yet is growing slowly under President Biden. On the flip side, Iranian oil production collapsed under Trump's Maximum Pressure Campaign, but is now growing very strongly under Biden. This chart shows those starkly contrasting results from our former, current and potential presidents.

First Three Years of Trump & Biden

This analysis focuses on the first three years of each president's term, an apples-to-apples comparison. The first three years is sufficient to draw conclusions about the results of a president's policies. Further, President Biden hasn't completed his fourth year yet, so full-year data is only available for his first three years. Meanwhile, President Trump's fourth year was undercut by the worldwide scourge of the China Virus, with all the attendant lockdowns, slowdowns and outright shutdowns — around the world.

Hence, the first three years of each man's term provides a fair and valid comparison.

President Trump & Oil Production

President Trump's enthusiastic embrace of Drill, Baby, Drill and Shale Oil production led to a gusher of oil wealth for America, with production growing 9.5 percent annually during his first three years. As a result, Americans enjoyed low gas prices and Global Energy Dominance. Further, the Trump Administration used that powerful position to constrain the evil intentions of Russia, Iran and other bad actors on the world stage.

Meanwhile, Iran's oil production collapsed under Trump's Maximum Pressure Campaign, falling over 8 percent annually. This impoverished the Ayatollah, who then couldn't afford to fund Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and his other Islamist vassals. Why didn't Hamas attack Israel during Trump's term? Iran couldn't afford to pay for it.

President Biden & Oil Production

President Biden went to war with oil production starting on his first day in office. As a result, American oil production grew 41 percent slower under Biden than under Trump. Americans feel this everyday at the pump. Gas prices soared, fueling the Bidenflation currently besetting the country. Everything from soup to nuts is crazy expensive now.

Meanwhile, President Biden relaxed the pressure on Iran. The predictable result is that Iranian oil production soared over 10 percent annually. Iran used its renewed oil wealth to fund Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis, and to sell cheap oil to China. That paid for Hamas's genocidal attack on Israel in late 2023, and for the Houthis' war on international shipping. Also, China uses cheap Iranian oil to power their global ambitions, including their threats to Taiwan, and their support of Putin's Russia in his war on Ukraine.

Results Matter

The collapse of American oil growth is a feature, not a bug, of the Democrats' Net Zero ambitions. They believe it will save lives in the long run. Meanwhile, here in 2024, it has caused economic misery from Salinas to Schenectady. It also funded savagery in Israel and Ukraine. Those results matter. They are truly existential for countless American small businesses, not to mention to the lives of innocent Israelies, Gazans and Ukranians.

Indeed, America enjoyed well-oiled prosperity during the Trump presidency, even as the Ayatollah's Iran is enjoying well-oiled growth now. People are suffering as a result.

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