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Iran's War on the West

Iran's War on the Judeo-Christian World is a War on the West as a whole. It currently focuses on kinetic war against Israel and American outposts, all of which provides considerable fodder for the ongoing Cultural Marxist subversion of Western civilization.

Iran's War on the Judeo-Christian West

Worldviews Collide

#4 on my 9 POINT 10/7 Reality Check from Oct. 25 was Worldviews Collide: Judeo-Christian Values vs. Islamist Values. That collision comes from Iran and is directed at Western Civilization, aka WesternCiv or simply the West, i.e., the Judeo-Christian World.

Hamas, Hezbollah & the Houthis, oh my

The Hamas Horde are but one catspaw in Iran’s war on the Judeo-Christian West.

The Houthis of Yemen are another, tinpan despots who fire missiles into neighboring countries Israel & Saudi Arabia, plus engage in pirate action on the side.

Hezbollah are a third. Hezbollah has subjected once-Christian Lebanon to its fourth or fifth Ring of Hell, so far has the Paris of the East fallen.

All three are paid for by Iran. Hezbollah costs Iran 4X what Hamas costs them, $1 billion/year between the two, the Houthis probably even less than Hamas. All three impoverish their own people, the people of Lebanon, Gaza, Yemen and more. They use and abuse them. (Like all bullies, Islamists hurt those closest to them first.)

6 Realities of the Hamas War

6. Hamas is the catspaw of two sworn enemies of America: Iran & China.

  1. The Hamas Horde are a zombie apocalypse come to life.

  2. Iran is Hamas’s sugar daddy: paymaster, provider & planner.

  3. Iran’s mad money comes from illicit oil sales to China.

  4. China is America’s top enemy.

  5. The Supreme Leader of Iran vows the destruction of America.

  6. Hamas is thus the catspaw of two sworn enemies of America.

Iran the Man

It’s all about Iran's brand of Shiite shit, Islamism they feed to Sunni shits like Hamas, who crave it. Iran traffics Islamic Crack that also works in the Cultural Marxist West. That latter paves the way for terrorist attacks in America and elsewhere in the West.

Islamist Leader

Shia Iran is the Islamist leader across the entire Muslim World, having transcended the Sunni-Shia schism and taken the torch from Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi Sunni. The Ayatollah sees his moment. He suckerpunched the Little Satan, connecting with the ultimate below-the-belt attack. Now he has the Great Satan backpedaling, led as it is by a near-dead living fossil known to the Chinese Communist Party as Hunter's Big Guy.

Hitting America

You could say we shouldn’t have outposts in Iraq, Syria and nearby places, but we do. Our troops have sustained TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury - from Iranian ordnance. Our troops are taking incoming mortars on a near daily basis since Oct7.

America must hit back. OBVIOUSLY

Islamism is back. Attention!

Islamism was on track after 9/11 to exceed 20th Century Communism as the greatest scourge to hit the world in hundreds of years. It disappeared for a while. Now it's back, just as old-fashioned Communism has morphed into 21st Century Cultural Marxism.

  • Hamas is Islamist.

  • Iran is Islamist.

  • Yemen is Islamist.

  • Turkey is Islamist.

  • Hezbollah is Islamist.

  • The Taliban are Islamist.

  • ISIS were Islamist.

  • Al-Qaeda were Islamist.

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