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They've Come for the Jews

First they came for the police.

I spoke out, many did, but Defund the Police zealots destroyed public safety anyway. Riots exploded in 2020 and arsons torched countless buildings. Now, retail theft is destroying stores across America. That's the American experience since George Floyd.

Then they came for brave doctors and entrepreneurs.

I spoke out, many did, but the mask and vax mandates were too powerful, plus were backed by scientific muzzling. We ended up with a Lost Generation of Covid Kids, deprived of sunshine, camaraderie and effective pedagogy. We also witnessed widespread destruction of small businesses, mostly family businesses, and a complete collapse of institutional trust.

Then they came for girls.

I spoke out, many did, led by the All American swimmer Riley Gaines, but the trans zealots won't stop. Naked men entered Girls Locker Rooms, while muscular dudes swamped females in swim meets and smashed a girl's teeth in field hockey. Safe spaces for those with two X chromosomes are now hard to come by. But it doesn't stop there. Indeed, the anti-female zealotry goes on and on and on.

Then they came for Donald Trump.

I spoke out, many did, but NBC/CBS/CNN/NYT and the rest of the corrupt media won’t stop their calumny. They doubled-down and then doubled-down again and then doubled-down yet again. Now, the FBI, DOJ, and courts in NYC, Atlanta and elsewhere are properly seen as the Democrats' judicial enforcement arm, a previously alien concept in America, a country built on equal application of the law.

Now they’ve come for the Jews.

I've spoken out, many have, but a new blood-libel has become the rallying cry of AntiJewCrews around the world. It states that the victims of genocide are themselves committing genocide. Further, the AntiJewCrews now advocate a complete genocide of Israelis “from the river to the sea”, even as they bully Jews on campuses everywhere and revive long-dead slurs like "kike".

This overt, shameless and mass antisemitism is an entirely new phenomenon in the West, notwithstanding Nazi Germany. However, it is directly in line with the class warfare that targeted the police, the victims of Covid hysteria, girls and Donald Trump. Indeed, this latest form of class warfare follows the same dynamic as those that came before, ever since George Floyd died.

Senator Ted Cruz, author of the new book Unwoke: How to defeat Cultural Marxism in America, notes that "the Jews" have been coded as "the Oppressor Class", colonizers who are too white and too Western for the Holy Land.

Never mind the many brown and black Jews, the Hebrews are the O.G. Palestinians. The Western World begins there, homeland of the Judeo-Christian Tradition.

Arabs are interlopers in that homeland, making it all the more unhinged for them to claim victim status.

THEY are the Cultural Marxists.

Who are THEY? They are the Cultural Marxists.

Everything is about class power for Cultural Marxists. Who are the classes?

Marxists originally obsessed on economic classes, namely Capital and Workers. Cultural Marxists add ethnic and sexual classes to those economic classes, with brown & black people plus non-heterosexuals as the canonical Oppressed Classes. The result is an explosion of "victims" and associated creation of putative oppressors, including Jews.

Cultural Marxists operate under a false consciousness where only class power matters. Truth doesn't matter. Objective reality doesn't matter. Individuals and their oh-so-human complexities don't matter. Only power matters. Hence, their obeisance to "the narrative", because "the narrative" must be advanced at all costs. Truth is the first casualty in their war on Western Civilization.

These Cultural Marxists include the Squad, Hamas stans, much of the Democrat Party, ANTIFA and BLM, not to mention their fellow travelers and useful idiots in mainstream media and academia. They are cCons all, committed to centralized control of their fellow man according to their own distorted dictates.

Reality has gone insane.

This isn't just about Jews. It’s about societal breakdown.

Sadly, Cultural Marxist insanity is overrunning the entire Judeo-Christian World. Individuals don’t matter to the Marxist, not their many formative and learned aspects, nor - in Palestine - their very lives.

This has become an epochal battle for 21st century Western Civilization, the outcome of which hangs in the balance.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: "First they came for the police..." is an obvious homage to Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller's "First they came..." confessional prose about the Nazi takeover of German society. History isn't repeating itself with the attempted Cultural Marxist takeover of 21st Century Western Civilization, but is rhyming.

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