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9 POINT 10/7 Reality Check

Here's the list.

Everything changed on OCT7th when the Islamists of Hamas invaded Israel to commit unspeakable atrocities. My first Everything's Changed post provided an overview of this atrocious new reality. This post catalogs nine particulars, a 9-point Reality Check.

9-Point Reality Check about 10/7

1. Islamism Returns

Islamism had been forgotten, superseded in public consciousness by the twin cCon catastrophes of the pandemic response and the 2021 Democrat takeover of the US.

It's back. Islamism begat 9/11 in America and now Islamism begat 10/7 in Israel. The Islamists hit their Great Satan in 2001 and their Little Satan in 2023. Just ask the Ayatollah. He'd be happy to confirm.

Now we are faced with barbarians at the gate of the Western World, with Israel serving as our tribune. Indeed, Hamas’s unspeakably vicious attack on unarmed civilians, especially on babies, girls, women and the elderly, is seen as barbaric only by those with Judeo-Christian values. Hamas Islamists and their fellow travelers in the West see it as righteous, per their understanding of Islamic teaching and/or Critical Theory nostrums. As to that last, this is what the trendy notion of "decolonization" looks like.

It's now clear that Islamism's malign grip on masses of people in our wider world remains strong, even as useful idiots in the West wink, nod and even applaud its depravities.

2. Ayatollah's World War

Iran's totalitarian theocrats count Hamas and Hezbollah as subsidiaries that they use as catspaws against Western interests. Iran pays for this from illicit oil sales to China. Iran is also taking direct action against American interests, including by attacking American forces in the greater Middle East, also paid for with oil payments from China.

But Iran's world war doesn't stop there, as Iran provides Russia with drones to use in Ukraine. Plus, Iran is readying ICBMs with which they can threaten America. Funny, they don't need ICBMs to reach Israel.

In short, Iran is conducting a war against America and the West through proxies and covert direct action. RIGHT NOW. The Hamas Horde attack makes this abundantly clear.

3. Biden's Failure Solidified

The Iran sponsored, Hamas initiated war is another nail in the coffin of Biden's presidential reputation.

Were Trump in his second term now, Hamas wouldn’t have invaded Israel, nor Putin invaded Ukraine.

Both the Russian and Iranian wars are funded with oil money that had been effectively throttled by the Trump Administration. Plus, despots in Tehran and Moscow were rightly afraid of the American President who wiped out both ISIS and Putin's mercenaries in Syria, and who killed the Iranian general who controlled Hamas.

It follows that the blood of those butchered babies is on Biden's hands. His feckless foreign policies – including especially our disastrous Afghan exit – and his war on American fossil fuels are two fatal errors too many.

As to the latter, the forced electrification that the Democrats are pushing on the American people is a significant driver of the 20% inflation since Biden took over from Trump. Upshot? Working-class and middle-class Americans are getting CRUSHED.

4. Worldviews Collide

Judeo-Christian Values vs. Islamist Values

Hamas’s zombie-apocalypse-like violence is an Islamist feature, not a Western bug. They value children as symbols more than as humans.

  • Their highest value? Martyrdom.

  • Our highest value? Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

Yet they don’t even view as martyrs the Jewish babies they burned and butchered. They view them as catnip for global attention. They do view Palestinian babies as martyrs and are eager for as many as they can get. More dead babies means more Islamist success because it means more attention for their cause. They are ultimate believers in "no such thing as bad press".

Thus, we must steel ourselves for their ongoing use of depravity as a weapon of war.

5. American Political Crackup

The Hamas Horde attack exposed deep fissures in the American political firmament, on both Right and Left.

On the Right, Vivek Ramaswamy, Candace Owens and other leading lights are using cover of America First posturing to avoid allyship with America's top ally. Ramaswamy has grievously harmed his candidacy as a result. He's weak where Trump was strong.

On the Left, the Squad, most of academia and so-called Progressives side with the Hamas Horde. Why? See the Radical Chic section below. In any case, this is a "mugged by reality" moment for liberal American Jews.

6. Mass PTSD

The traumatic psychological damage being inflicted on Israelis can't be overstated. Plus, sympathetic viewers from afar are being psychologically harmed, this author included. Generations of art will spring from this, just as it has from the Holocaust. It will also profoundly affect the rhythms of Israeli life and change the way that diaspora Jews view the world.

7. Radical Chic Rises & Class Warfare Rules

The Hamas Horde has triggered sympathetic demonstrations in cities across America and around the world. There is apparently great overlap between these Hamas sympathizers and the ANTIFA and ANTIFA-adjacent nihilists who populated the BLM riots of 2020.

That disturbing development extends to fawning support at universities, by celebrities, politicians and others getting in on this radical chic opportunity. Also in this anti-Western cohort are many teens, twentysomethings and thirtysomethings demonstrating their radical chic bona fides. This has quickly and widely morphed into unabashed antisemitism, with AntiJewCrews the new flash mobs.

8. AntiJewCrews Explode

AntiJewCrews are popping up all over. We've never had public antisemitism of this scale in America and it ain't good, ain't good at all. AJCs are a no good, very bad development.

Cooper Union hosted an AntiJewCrew in the quad this week, who then learned that there were Jews in the library. (Jews in a college library? Genius, figuring that out.) Well those Pro-Hamas people stormed the library, not to read, not to study, not to make out, but to threaten and accost. They locked the Jews in a room. That's a crime and yet there have been no arrests or consequences at all.

An AntiJewCrew of 57 anti-Israel students were arrested last night at UMass Amherst after occupying the administration building. They called police pigs and called for the destruction of Israel. They are flaunting their radical chic hipness.

Car decorations include swastikas and claims of genocide in Gaza, the former making clear that being a Nazi is a good thing for the car's Left Wing owner, the latter confusing collateral casualties with targeted victims. That sort of obscene moral jiu-jitsu is how AntiJewCrews roll.

9. Armed Citizenry Required

Why didn't they fight back?

It turns out that Israeli citizens are almost all unarmed. They were thus sitting-ducks when the Hamas Horde attacked and the Army couldn't save them. As a dCon nation, America is different, superior, with robust gun ownership, protected by the Second Amendment. We would be much harder to overrun.

The upshot of this realization is that Israeli citizens must arm themselves, as should more Americans. This especially applies to Jewish-Americans given the rise of anti-Semitism triggered by the Hamas attack and the insane rise in wanton criminality since 2020.


This list is surely not complete, especially since this world-changing war is just now approaching the end of its beginning. Everyone in the Judeo-Christian world should pray for victory and wisdom. Both will be needed in the suddenly treacherous world we now inhabit.

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