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Genocide & Not Genocide

There is much ado about genocide these days, with Israel accused of that most heinous crime by many countries, celebrities, professors, imams and baristas. Let’s set the record straight.

Oct7th: Genocide ― Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

After Oct7th: Not Genocide ― Just War



Genocide is the targeted murder of a class of people, such as Christians & Jews, especially we Jews. MOTs are very familiar with being targeted. “Once we were slaves in Egypt” is a bit of history known to every Jew. After all, we were targeted for genocide by Pharaoh, and then the Philistines, later the Romans, then the heinous Nazis and now the heartless Islamists of Hamas, Hezbollah & the theocrats of Iran.

Victims of genocide are not collateral damage. They are targeted, killed without just cause or circumstance, murdered en masse. (Murder is unjustified killing. All murders are killings. Not all killings are murders.)

Genocidal criminals hunt innocent victims. That's the point of genocide, to murder civilians, in contrast to normal war, let alone just war, which is about killing soldiers and military types. Plus, genocide requires mass murder, say 1,200 butchered on a peaceful Saturday in Southern Israel, with hundreds more hauled off to hell as hostages in Gaza, where they now suffer a fate worse than death, to this day, six hideous weeks later.

Oct7, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, a day of infamy, stands as the most egregious spasm of genocide since the invention of the printing press, the Nazis notwithstanding, so great has been its global impact via TikTok, Twitter, CNN, BBC, NBC, the Democratic Socialists of America, etc.

Its world historic “success” went next level via that 2023 social media. Unlike the Nazis, today’s Islamists are proud of their work. They want to show it off. They want clicks.

Not Genocide

Israel's just war to crush the genocidal savages who committed genocide on Oct7 isn't genocide. It's the opposite of genocide. It has the most just cause of all, to avenge and prevent genocide. In fact, it is the most just war since America led the Allies against the Axis Powers in World War II, the war where we defeated Hitler, Mussolini & Tojo.

Calling Israel's just war genocide is ass-backwards, a mistake so egregious only Social Marxists and their useful-idiots would make it.

The IDF, the most scrupulous military in the world, doesn't target innocent victims. In fact, it is legendary for going way out of its way to avoid killing civilians, to avoid collateral damage entirely. Alas, avoiding collateral damage is impossible in most wars and especially in Gaza, what with Hamas using civilian shields as their main form of protection in the urban hellhole that is Gaza City and environs.

The IDF seeks only to kill military targets in Gaza, notwithstanding that Hamas seeks to maximize civilian casualties, including of Palestinians. These are not IDF murders. Even the collateral damage casualties are not murders, barring rogue action on the part of IDF soldiers, a disciplined force.

In short, the just war pursued by the IDF after Oct7 is the farthest thing from genocide, notwithstanding the thousands of Gazans killed and wounded as collateral damage.

Nazi Germany suffered catastrophic collateral damage from the Allies in WWII, as did Fascist Italy & Imperial Japan. Genocidal regimes trigger the hell brought down on their people as the price paid for ridding the world of their genocide. That tragic destruction of civilians simply isn't avoidable, notwithstanding Israel’s extreme efforts.


Moral Clarity

Genocide occurred on OCT7th, for which the Islamists of Hamas, the Ayatollah, Hezbollah, the Houthis and Turkey have no remorse, only ongoing religious fervor. Israel's measured, justified and overwhelming response since is a just war, being conducted in a more just way than the Islamists have any right to expect.

The tragic loss of thousands of innocents in Gaza and elsewhere is a butcher's bill 100% on Hamas's tab, a tab underwritten by the Ayatollah's Iran.

When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. ― Golda Meir, A Land of Our Own: An Oral Autobiography

Iran is forcing Israel to kill more than Arab sons now, an unfathomable level of sin that can never be forgiven. Nor should the Ayatollah's Persian regime be let off the hook for sacrificing so many Arabs: men, women and children. Does the Persian leader value those dead Arabs as anything more than symbols for his insane cause? He does not.

The genocidal regime is not in Israel. The genocidal regime is in Tehran, with vassals in Gaza City, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and more.

The just regime is in Jerusalem, as it was during the reign of wise King Solomon, a full millennium before the Romans nicknamed the land around Jerusalem "Palestine".

The just regime, the Jewish regime, will win, will defeat the genocidal regime. It has the might and is on the side of right.

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