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AmericaFirst Works


It worked before. It’ll work again.

People with COMMON SENSE understand this.


Donald Trump's first term was an America First presidency. For Trump, America First means Americans First. He boils down every issue to get the best deal for Americans, present-day Americans, not end-of-century Americans, albeit future Americans will also be better off if Donald J. Trump becomes POTUS 47. This is self-evident because of the great results his America First actions delivered for Americans when he was POTUS 45.

Before proceeding, let's note that actions should speak louder than words, albeit they don't for Trump. Sadly, Trump’s words are much better known than his actions. It should be the other way around. Hence, the following analysis focuses exclusively on the results of his actions as POTUS 45. We can then expect similar results when he is POTUS 47.

America First: Domestically

President Trump’s America First manifested itself domestically by decentralizing control mechanisms, e.g., tax rate cuts, Right to Try, opening up the VA, approving the Keystone XL Pipeline, Drill Baby Drill and extensive regulatory reform, dCon moves all. That’s why his position on the Burkean Gridiron is D25, same as President Ronald Reagan. It's no coincidence that Presidents Reagan & Trump are not just the last two great Republican presidents, they are two of the greatest American presidents.

Trump 45’s D25 actions delivered three great years for America, before COVID happened, i.e., three great years for Americans of every chromosomal combination. We had historically high wages and jobs for men, women, Whites, Blacks, Latins, Asians, et. al. Equally important, we had basically NO INFLATION, with affordable gas and electricity. Eggs cost what eggs should cost, same with bacon. (In 2024, you could buy a decent bottle of wine for what a dozen eggs cost. That's the government’s fault.)

A1 Healthcare

Trump largely fixed an unfixable VA. Some people say he deserves a USS TRUMP aircraft carrier for that. I don’t, but some do. 

He put in place Right To Try, an exceptionally kind move without any political payoff. Some say it's the kindest thing any American president ever did. I don’t, but some do.

A1 Border

He built a large chunk of the border wall, notwithstanding historic and improper Deep State opposition. That and other BIG LEAGUE actions, e.g., Remain in Mexico, gave we Americans the most secure border of our lifetimes. That's an A1 result!

Trump’s successor and 2024 opponent reversed every Trump border policy, yet didn’t stop there. He left miles of TRUMP quality border fence sections to rust in piles by the border: Biden Piles. The casual wastefulness of that move is equally cynical and sinful.

Biden’s open border is an ongoing heart attack for America: migrant crime, fentanyl deaths, kids pimped, illegals getting free healthcare. This parade of horribles stems from Trump Oppositional Disorder, a TDS comorbidity that is destroying our country.

America First: Internationally

Trump 45’s A1 winning didn’t stop at the water’s edge. It extended to foreign lands, including with hostile opponents, strategic rivals and putative allies. 

Trump got us out of wars. Not only that, he brought the troops home AND he started no new wars. A president who pulled off that trifecta should be celebrated.

He obliterated ISIS, quickly, a scourge that arose on Hillary & Obama’s watch. He bankrupted the Ayatollah and cut Putin down to size. (Nowadays, Biden is bankrupting America and cutting our military down to size.) Neither Iran or Russia invaded anyone when Trump was President. Putin has since invaded Ukraine, after which the Ayatollah’s Gaza minions invaded Israel. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, women and children especially, have been killed in the Ukraine and Gaza wars. Neither war would have started during a Trump presidency. To be clear, Biden didn’t kill those dead kids in Kiev and Gaza City, but his incompetence was necessary for them to be killed.

Trump was the greatest peacemaker to occupy the Oval Office since Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War with nary a missile fired. In particular, he brought peace to the larger Middle East, notwithstanding the incalcitrant Palestinians. The Trump-brokered Abraham Accords are among the most meaningful rapprochements between Jew and Arab since the time of Abraham our Father. Many say that Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for this magnificent act of statesmanship, me included.

His list of foreign policy victories doesn't stop there, including also getting NATO members to pay closer to their fair share, being the first POTUS to meaningfully take on China's mercantilism, and so on and so forth.

America First: Worked Before, Will Work Again

The Trump 2024 campaign has published Agenda47, a detailed policy agenda for his next term. This compendium of policy prescriptions and presidential actions builds on the A1 approach that was so successful in his first term. If past is prologue, Trump's Agenda47 will deliver great results for all Americans starting in January 2025.

It worked before. It'll work again.

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