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It’s Not A Website

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Government at Work

People gotta stop calling the ObamaCare failure a website.  It’s not a website.

To be specific, is not a website.  It’s a multi-enterprise multi-system multi-technology B2B2C service, a.k.a. a cluster___.

Oh yeah, there’s a website on top of that iceberg.

To be general, it’s a fundamental failure to grok what it takes to create a massive Business2Business2Consumer service for something that’s life-or-death and politically super-sensitive.  Quintuple ouch.

Revenue Apps like turn enterprises inside out, making them unlike how business was done before.  Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix and other corporations do them well, a competency that took over a decade to gain.

The Federal government decided to go Big Bang with ObamaCare.  Brilliant.  Just freaking brilliant.

To be more general, ObamaCare is starting to suffer the organic rejection that afflicts contemporary cCon systems.  Centralized Control – which ObamaCare is largely if not fully – is unnatural.  Individuals may accept it.  But people reject it.

Finally, it’s a treat seeing politicians and talking heads talking system talk when they clearly don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.  They see a website like a little child who sees a Christmas Tree and thinks it produces presents.

To be as conclusive as possible at this juncture: This isn’t the end of the long ObamaCare saga, it’s not even clear it’s the end of the beginning.  Many are clear it’s the beginning of the end if not stopped.  Now it’s possible it may kill itself.

Obamacrats appreciate irony better than most.  Maybe not this time however.

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