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Justice For All

George Floyd deserves justice, dead under the knee of a now ex Minneapolis cop with a dozen-plus abuse-of-force complaints.

David Dorn deserves justice, murdered by looters while defending a friend’s store on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis.

Ahmaud Arbery deserves justice, murdered by a nitwit during a “citizen’s arrest” gone terribly, horribly awry.

Pat Underwood deserves justice, murdered by drive-by cowards while guarding the Ron Dellums Federal Building in Oakland.

Breona Taylor deserves justice, as do the 60 Secret Service agents injured by rioters, and so on and so forth. Indeed, many more innocents deserve justice, many many more, as the Black Lives Matter sanctioned riots have amped up martyrdom across the country.

Let’s be clear: Black lives matter is 100% true. It would be 120% true if logic allowed completion above 100%.

However, the Black Lives Matter movement (as distinct from the statement that black lives matter) is fascist and evil, the former because BLM condones violence to achieve domestic political ends, the latter because they apparently consider the martyrdom of fellow citizens, including fellow Blacks, as acceptable. These moral flaws don’t even get to their reprehensible policy prescriptions, e.g., defunding the police.

Given that BLM has successfully conflated “black lives matter” with the name of their movement, the morally correct slogan at this juncture in American history is not Black Lives Matter.

The morally correct slogan now is the final phrase of the Pledge of Allegiance: Justice For All, or #J4A.

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