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Killing the Golden Goose

Donald Trump's America was energy rich. Joe Biden hates that golden goose. That made Americans poorer, dictators richer & everything everywhere worse.

Biden the Destroyer

Crooked Joe Biden's minions brag that 2024 American oil production is at record highs. So even though he's rained blows on fossil-fuel businesses, everything is fine with this foundational structure of our economy, built up over a century of massive investment.

Except, everything isn’t fine, far from it. From wellhead to pipeline to refinery to stovetop to turbocharger to furnace, Joe Biden has been resolute in his mission to destroy the fossil-fuel economy. Hell, Existential Climate Change believers think fossil-fuel companies deserve the abuse.

Biden and his Green New Dealers are playing with societal nitroglycerin. The fossil-fuel economy is like Humpty Dumpty, were Humpty Dumpty made of gazillions of pounds of reinforced concrete and steel pipe, and with a gazillion interconnected dependencies, including massive financial flows. Once destroyed, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put it back together again.

Massive pain has already begun. My recent post, Well-Oiled Growth, documents how Biden used cCon to slash American oil growth, triggering the nose-bleed prices that Americans now pay for gas, electricity and even for bacon & eggs. Those same moves enabled a massive increase in Iranian oil production, from which the Ayatollah funded Hamas's genocidal attack on Israel.

Russia benefited from Biden's bizarre policies in similar fashion as Iran. That's how Putin funded his war against Ukraine.

So, Biden's bid to forestall "existential climate change" by the end of the century plunged 2024 Americans into dire economic distress, even as his energy policies enabled the existential wars currently besetting Israel and Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, Russians, Israelis and Gazans are dead as a result, the first mass casualties of "existential climate change."

Trump the Creator

Abundant energy is the Golden Goose that lifted society up from lives that were nasty, brutish and short to lives that are nice, comfortable and long. The recent natural gas boom is the latest example of this virtuous phenomenon. It's crazy to want to go back.

Trump had America energy rich, RICH I say. (You know, it’s better to be rich than poor. That shouldn’t be a controversial claim.) He created that reality by famously embracing a Drill, Baby, Drill policy, along with a push for pipelines, exports and deregulation throughout the vast energy economy.

The result was a massive revitalization of the Golden Goose that makes modern life secure, comfortable and affordable. It also resulted in a dramatic decrease in American CO2 emissions, since clean natural gas proved much cheaper than coal for electricity generation. (If you care about CO2 emissions...)

Speaking of CO2 emissions and climate change, it's worth noting that climate related deaths are down 99% from a century ago. The Golden Goose of abundant and affordable gas and electricity were and are necessary for such a heartening result.

Bottom Line

Biden is killing that Golden Goose, and has already badly wounded it. In addition to the great harm this inflicted on Americans, it goosed the Genocidal Theocrats who besiege our ally Israel, and the putative emperor in Russia who is waging war on poor Ukraine.

We're talking world-ending trauma if this isn't soon reversed. This is not a drill. Biden and the Green New Dealers must be stopped. Everything we hold dear depends on it.

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