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NEW Burkean Shop

The BurkeanShop is now live at RedBubble.

Visit for punchy buttons & stickers, fun stuff and more.

BurkeanShop is currently focused on the November election, in support of President Donald J. Trump. I only hope these items can help him regain the White House before Biden blows up America even more.

The first three designs are by turns serious and savage.

  • "AMERICA FIRST: It worked before. It'll work again." boils down the campaign pitch to a mere eight words. It also elevates President Trump's message above his name, helpful for making the case to Trump avoidant voters. Read more about this at my recent America First Works post.

  • "I'll be back" fuses two pop culture icons into one.

  • "Convict-in-Chief" sticks a finger in the eye of those who believe the disgraceful lawfare will matter to voters.

Stay tuned for more designs at the Burkean Nation Shop, and please let me know about the response you get from displaying your Trump support with these accessories.

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Who is David Burkean?


I am David Burkean, America First patriot, ethical pragmatist, avid Burkean and advocate for Decentralized Control - dCon. I'm wary of Centralized Control - cCon. I see in cCon-dCon terms. #More4More follows in the wake.

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