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IBIL libels Israel.

It Bleeds, It Leads. — #IBIL

IBIL – Libel without the L, Bible without the B.


IBIL drove TV News and has gone metastatic in the social media Twilight Zone, aka IBILand. Imagery of apparent civilians harmed by bombs, bullets, fragments and shocks are prime IBIL. Dead babies are the most valuable form of cryptocurrency in IBILand.

TikTok, X, Insta & FB are veritable Arc Reactors of IBIL-fueled social rage.

  • The Israeli IBIL moment came and went on Oct7th or shortly thereafter.

  • The Palestinian IBIL era began as the Israeli IBIL moment ended and continues every day since, today included, tomorrow included, next week included, etc.

Palestinian IBIL trumps Israeli IBIL because Israelis are coded as White, Palestinians as Brown, Israelis as European, Palestinians as Native.

Never mind Israel's world-class diversity and inclusion, including the many Black African-Israelis who are exemplary members of the IDF, many Islamic Druze soldiers, including a Hero of Israel. Christians are important to today's IDF also, even Arabs. That's not the mic drop however.

The mic drop is that Jews are the OGs of Palestine, having lived there for a millennium before the Romans called it Palestine. Israelites, aka Jews, have continuously lived in the Promised Land since the Almighty gave it to Abraham in the Book of Genesis. Jews have lived there through Kings David & Solomon, the Roman Era, the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire and now the modern State of Israel. This mic drop doesn't matter in IBILand. What matters there is this


Brown trumps White in the Social Marxist hierarchy.

Therefore Israel is bad. It's common knowledge in IBILand.


IBIL Hall is where the SHAMEOUS live in infamy.

Shameous – Shameful & Famous


  • Pearl Harbor: Imperial Japan struck America in the Pacific.

  • Munich Olympics: Palestinian Supremacists struck Israel in the Judeo-Christian West.

  • 9/11: Islamists struck America in New York, Washington & Shanksville.

  • Oct7th: Islamists struck the Judeo-Christian West in southern Israel.

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